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Syria Salvation Conference: An Overview of the New Syria

  -Syria is a sovereign state, its people are free and in full control of the state and all their territory. The sovereignty of the Syrian territories, state and people are one in the same. The Syrian people have a right to struggle by any means necessary to reclaim their occupied territories. -The Syrian people […]

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Syria Salvation Conference: Our Main Principles

  The parties, political organisations, and personalities participating in the National Conference for Syria Salvation agree on the following principles as a basis and general foundation for their political position and movement: 1. Toppling the regime with all its figures and facets, which ensures the ability to build a civil democratic state, a state of […]

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Statement Regarding the National Conference to Rescue Syria

  The National Coordination Body announces that arrangements for the ‘Rescue Syria’ national conference are ongoing. The preparatory committee will exert its best efforts in resolving all present conflicts between the different sides, despite the fact that participation requests exceeded the required number from different sides. As for the withdrawals that are being announced from […]

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