National Coordination Body

for Forces of Democratic Change in Syria

Political Statement

Executive Office held a meeting on 28. 12 2016 after serious field updates in Aleppo, Idleb, Bab, Barada valley, and Eastern Ghouta, important political developments in the light of Moscow declaration, its interactions, and resuming communications to hold a meeting for democratic national forces.
These issues have been thoroughly researched and the following conclusions have been reached.

The battel of Aleppo has been finished while striking a severe siege on east Aleppo after capturing Castello road. Russia siesed the opportunity provided by the change in turkish position and agreed with the turks on playing a major role in pushing track political solution that suffers from sustained negotiations in Geneva 3 by holding direct negotiations in Turkey with besieged armed factions and signing an agreement to break the siege. Breaking this siege and the safe evacuation of militants and civilians formed a start of russian, turkish, and iranian coordination meetings with the USA being informed and the Syrian regime being aware. With the release of Moscow declaration that took Syrian tragedy from a state of paralysis and lack of hope caused by imbalance of forces and the US transitional period.

In the light of this new update, Russia, Turkey, and in cooperation with Iran opened a new path for political solution. We reiterate on the unity and sovreignty of Syria without any preconditions on the shape of the political regime, except for the Syrian people to be part of it and finding mechanisms to utilize resolution 2254 issued in 2015 on basis of Geneva 1. We also reiterate on a continuous and comprehensive ceasefire to be put to action on all of Syrian land to be a starting point to break the siege struck on many Syrian territories in order for humanitarian aids to be delivered.

Serious and comprehensive negotiations introduced in Astana to reach Geneva under international auspices requires complementing what has already been achieved in Geneva 3 without the exclusion of any party and paves the way for a political transition. Accordingly, NCBFDC welcomes Moscow declaration issued by foreign ministers of Russia, Iran, and Turkey, and perceives it as a serious innitiative to put political solution on track. The platform for the success of any meeting or conference requires not going astray from Geneva 1 statement and resolutions 2118, 2254. It also requires resuming political process started in Geneva 3 under the auspices of the UN and its envoy to Syria, and requires more clarity and collaboration.

NCBFDC welcomes the comprehensive ceasefire agreement being reached in all of Syria and hopes that it remains committed to, starting from thursday midnight 29. 12. 2016 under russian and turkish guarantees, the commitment of all concerned parties, and utilizing surveillance mechanisms.

The recently researched joint efforts to hold a meeting for democratic national opposition forces constitute a national necessity to work for political solution away from egoism and regional and international interference. This meeting should be for saving Syria. It should enhance political solution , the unity of opposition efforts in a transitional period, building the future of Syriam and bolstering the building of a national project for comprehensive radical change.

Executive Office
Damascus 12. 29. 2016

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