Press release: The Syrian regime proved once again the lack of credibility


The Syrian regime proved once again the lack of credibility, when his security forces banned a joint press conference between the National Coordination body and the Popular Front for Change and Liberation, which was planned to announce the memorandum of understanding, which the two parties reached after some long and constructive dialogue between them.
The regime has always claimed that he “acknowledges” the interior opposition, and that he is “ready” to negotiate with.
The memorandum of understanding is a part of the efforts that the NCB has been conducting to form a wide political opposition alliance inside and outside the country to confront the challenges and risks that Syria is facing.
The NCB received information, from credible press and human rights sources, that the decision to ban the press conference was made at the highest level in the press office at the regime’s presidential palace, aiming at blocking any effort from the part of any national democratic opposition to contribute in saving the country, by reaching a peaceful democratic change in the political system.
The NCB, while strongly condemning this arbitrary decision taken by the highest authority in the country, it calls upon all national democratic opposition forces to declare their support with the National Coordination body and the Popular Front for Change and Liberation, and renew at the same time its call to them to contribute in building the political opposition alliance that the NCB and its allies are calling for.
The NCB also calls on the media to denounce this action as it is in contrast with all covenants of media and press, and with the right of freedom of expression.
National Coordination body– Press Office

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