Memorandum of Understanding between the National Coordination Body for Democratic Change in Syria – NCB and the Change and Liberation Front

The National Coordination Body for Democratic Change in Syria – NCB and the Change and Liberation Front seek to build a broad political coalition at home and abroad to face current and future needs. The aim of both parties is to create comprehensive grassroots change, which means the transition from the current authoritarian regime to a democratic pluralistic system within a democratic civil State based on the principle of equal citizenship to all Syrians regardless of their ethnic, religious and sectarian identities. This political democratic system will ensure the best conditions and environment for various social components to bloom and prosper, and on the road to this goal both parties commit themselves to the political negotiating solution that began its path in Geneva, with support from international guarantees for the process and the outcome of future negotiations as a means to achieve this goal on the basis of the Geneva Communique which has the acceptance of internal, Arab, regional and international parties as a basis for any negotiating process.

The parties agree the following understandings: 1. to preserve the unity of Syria’s land and people, and the full sovereignty of the Syrian state over all its territory; 2. to refused and renounce sectarianism and any claims affecting the unity of Syrian society; 3. to reject any foreign military intervention; 4. to renounce violence in all its forms and the presence of non-Syrian militants on Syrian territory, and the illusion of a military solution with its disastrous consequences for the Syrian state; 5. to confront the danger of terrorism from fundamentalist Takfiri groups on society and the State; 6. to reject any solution contrary to the interests of the Syrian people or the unity of the country or that reproduces a system of tyranny.

The parties agree to the following necessary actions: 1. the formation of a joint committee to prepare a roadmap for a binding political solutionin any negotiating process; 2. the formation of a committee to prepare a common vision for the future of a democratic Syria, and the desired Constitutional and legal structures; 3. to form a follow-up committee.

Damascus 10 August 2014 National Coordination Body for Democratic Change – NCB Change and Liberation Front

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