In the last few days the ISIS terrorist organization has conducted criminal acts against the Yazidis in Sinjar area in Iraq, which caused a state of terror among the population, and a case of a mass exodus. Tens of thousands of people has fled to the nearby mountains, amongst them 25 thousand children, according to UNICEF. Also few hundreds fled to the Syrian territories.
News Agencies, and Human Rights Organization reported the occurrence of many crimes, in one of them 67 men were killed because they refused to change their religion. UNICEF also reported that 40 children were killed by ISIS in a terrorist attack. Moreover the Red Crescent stated that the ISIS has kidnaped an unknown number of Christian and Yezidi women to sale them as slaves (Sabya as they call them)>
The collective killing and the ethnic cleansing that ISIS is conducting has instigated the UN Security Council to consider these actions a “Crime of War” that could bring those responsible on them to trial.
The National Coordination Body while strongly condemns these terrorist acts, the war crimes, and the ethnic cleansing that the ISIS is conducting; it strongly supports the UN Security Council presidential statement, and calls upon the council to take immediate and effective actions to stop these crimes. The NCB also calls upon the International Community to fulfill its moral and humanitarian role to help the distressed displaced and refugees Yezidis in Iraq and Syria.

The National Coordination Body –

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