Dahowd: the YPG can be important nucleus when reconstructing the national Syrian army

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A leader of Syrian internal opposition affirmed that some parties are trying to distort the image of the People’s Protection Units – YPG in the areas of democratic self- administration in the northern east part of the Syria, stressing that these units includes Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs, and added that these units can be an important nucleus for the national Syrian army in the future. The President of the Diaspora Branch of the National Coordination Body – NCB Khalaf Dahowd told the Italian Press Agency AKI that “there are attempts by some parties to distort the image of the YPG in the areas of democratic self- administration, those units who confront the terrorist organization “ISIS”, defending Syria and its democratic and civil values”. He stressed that these units include “Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs, Christians and Muslims, and can be important nucleus when reconstructing the national Syrian army, which will contribute in building the Syria of the future”. Dahowd called on all Syrians to “stand beside all free people who are fighting the terrorist organization “ISIS” and its obscurantist project”. ISIS organization is besieges areas and cities in the north and east of Syria, while the YPG along with tribal and civilian forces are trying to prevent “ISIS” invasion of al- Hassaka and other cities, after the regime’s forces evacuated these areas. In response to a question about the goal of “ISIS” dominating wide areas in the north and the east of Syria, after capturing advanced weapon from the Iraqi army, Dahowd explained that “the terrorist organizations has an obscurantist project to establish a state of the “Islamic Khilafa” with concepts, values and laws the Syrian society do not accept since it is composed of a mosaic of different ethnicities, religions and sects, contradicting the goals of the Syrian revolution, and moreover do not represent the real Islamic values. With regard to the situation that Syria has reached, Dahowd said the “regime is still adhered to the security and military option, which proved failure for more than 3 years, and brought the country to the current chaos and destruction, the regime keeps targeting the innocent civilians by all forms of arms, some of them internationally band, it also keeps detaining peaceful activists such as Abdel Aziz Al Khaier and Rajaa Al Nasser and Eyas Ayash and Jalal Nofal. And continued saying “that the NCB will not give up on the political solution, we are working silently on a few tracks, some with the leaderships of the parties participating in the democratic self- administration, and other national democratic parties, with the aim of forming a wide, strong opposition front that could confront the serious challenges that Syria faces. The NCB is also conducting diplomatic efforts with some countries, especially those with influence in the Syrian crisis to explain the NCB position and its vision of the political solution which is based on Geneva communiqué. Dahowd wished the new international mediator Mr. De mestura a good luck and success in his mission, and expressed the NCB willingness to cooperate with him in order to success his endeavours by reaching a peaceful political solution to the Syrian crisis in accordance with the Geneva communiqué.

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