Press Release 31/7/2014


The Syrian regime’s troops keep targeting the city of Aleppo by “Bomb Barrels”. 6 civilians were killed yesterday, amongst them 3 women and one baby girl according to the “Syrian Observatory For Human Rights” network, “Human Rights Watch” has also issued yesterday a worrying report about the targeting of Aleppo. The reports states that during less than 4 month the regimes airplanes has mounted 380 raids on the city, one of them killed more than 50 people.
Meanwhile the population of Aleppo still suffers from a humanitarian and health crisis, as a result of Cutting off water, causing spread of diseases.
The National Coordination Body whille strongly condemns the raids with the internationally band “Bomb Barrels”, demands the International Community to act immediately to stop all war crimes committed in Syria, by reviving the political process, which is the only way to get Syria out of its crisis.
May the Martyr’s souls rest in peace, and may the injured have a quick recovery.

   31/07/2014  National coordinating body – Press Office

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