26/7/2014 Press Release


The “Islamic state” terrorist organization keeps expanding its areas of influence inside Syria and Iraq.
Yesterday the organization has launched wide attacks on the countryside of Al Hasaka, Aleppo and Al Raqa where its troops attacked the 17th Division of the Syrian Army, and committed war crimes by brutally executing over 50 military personnel without trial, in a clear violation of the International law, and the Islamic Sharia which they hide behind it.
The National Coordination committee while strongly condemns the “Islamic State”, it reminds the International community that it has always warn from the “Intelligence” and “Military” options on Syria and its People, since they generate all forms of terrorism, and attract terrorists from all parts of the world.
Today the NCB, after the spread of terrorism all over the Country, it is more convinced on the absolute importance of starting a serious Political path based on the Geneva Communique, as it is the only path that can assure the Syrian People that there is an alternative path other than violence.
The NCB reiterates once again that the politically negotiated solution, which leads to a radical and comprehensive National and Democratic change, is a just right to the People of Syria, and represents his goal. It also believes that the National Democratic Change represents the best umbrella to combat Terrorism.
May the Martyr’s souls rest in peace, and may the injured have a quick recovery.

National coordinating body – Press Office

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