Syrian regime banned SNCB Coordinator-General from travelling abroad

مقاطعة الانتخابات

Nebras Dalloul – Damascus

SNCB Coordinator-General Hasan Abdulazim, along with Ahmad Asrawi a member of SNCB Executive bureau, were banned from travelling abroad!
Both, were on their way to Beirut today morning, but the Syrian regime told them that they are banned from travelling abroad and asked them to go back to Damascus.
Abdulazim and Asrawi are invited to attend The pan- Arab congress which will take place tomorrow morning in Beirut.
SNCB’s Media bureau spokesman Mounzer Khaddam has strongly condemned this action by the Syrian regime.
In a statement ,released today afternoon, Khadam says that banning the coordinator-general and his colleague from travelling abroad is an another proof of Lack of credibility of the Syrian regime which comes from its unchangeable hard-line intelligence nature.

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