Statement on the assassination of PYD leader Isa Huso

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Isa Huso, a leading member of the Democratic Union Party, was assassinated this morning by a bomb planted on his car in Qamishli city. Our lost comrade Huso was a long standing figure in the Syrian revolutionary movement for freedom, justice and democracy, he spent too much of his life in the prisons of the fascist regime for his political activism.

We at the National Coordination Body for Domocratic Change in Syria condemn this cowardly act of political assassination, and will work tirelessly to see those with blood on their hands brought to justice.

We condemn all acts of violence that target Syrians and their demands for freedom and dignity. We demand that the International Community work completely in order to achieve and not stall a political solution that guarantees a peaceful transition of power, so that Syria can avoid more bloodletting and destruction.

We extend our condolences and solidarity to the family of Isa Huso, to the PYD and to the Syrian people as a whole.


Media Office – National Coordination Body for Domocratic Change



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