A statement on the terrorist attacks on the city of Tel Abyad


National Coordination Body follows, with deep concern, the developments and events on the ground in north Syria which confirms the information provided to us that Jabhat al-Nusra and the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham which are affiliated to al-Qaeda and other Islamic groups under the umbrella of the Free Syrian Army commit crimes such as kidnapping and murder, torture and displacement of civilian Kurds in the city of Tel Abyad – “Gree Sepi” – and its suburbs. These groups have been shelling Kurdish residential neighbourhoods randomly and have used religious platforms to declare as legitimate the shedding of Kurdish blood; they have looted and robbed their properties and violated their women; and they proceeded to burn and blow up several houses. They have used the abducted Kurds as hostages and human shields, which signals the possibility of them committing massacres of ethnic cleansing of Kurds. These groups have already committed similar crimes groups in other cities and regions such as Ra’s al-‘Ain (Sere Kaniye), Tel Tamir, and Chel Agha, Tel Kocher and the villages in the area.

We in the National Coordination Body – NCB, Exile Branch declare that the regime carries the greatest responsibility for the outcome of this tragic situation in the country in general; we condemn in the strongest terms the terrorist acts carried out by extremist jihadist groups against the Kurds and other Syrian components. We invite all the people of the region – Kurds, Arabs and others – to come together in the spirit of cohesion and solidarity in the face of these groups, to lift the lid on them, and expel them from the community because they pose a threat to the unity of the Syrian people and its community. We call on all factions of the Syrian opposition to take a clear position and explicitly and publicly condemn the actions of these terrorist groups. At the same time we call upon regional and international powers to stop supporting jihadists and providing them with the facilities to enable them to come to Syria. We urge the international community to take quick and positive steps for the convening of the Geneva Conference 2 to stop the Syrian bloodshed, to prepare for a peaceful transition of power, to build a pluralistic democratic State, and to prevent the destruction of the Syrian State and the extension of the conflict outside the borders.

Media Office National Coordination Body – NCB Exile Branch 26 July 2013


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