Statement on the detention of leading members of the NCB


Syrian security forces have detained on Friday morning (19/7/2013) Adnan al-Dibs and Youssef Abdelki (the renowned artist), both members of the National Coordination Body for Democratic Change’s Central Committee, and comrade Tawfiq Umran. All three are leading members of the Communist Labour Party. They were detained at a Political Security checkpoint by the entrance to Tartous city. It is not known yet where they have been taken.

We hold the Syrian security forces fully responsible for any harm to the health and wellbeing of our comrades and we demand that the detainees be released immediately. We demand that all political prisoners be released immediately from the prisons of the regime. We also demand that the Syrian authorities expose the fate of our forcibly disappeared comrades Abdulaziz al-Khayer, Iyas Ayyash and Maher Tahan, who were detained by the Airforce Intelligence Agency on 20/9/2012.

Freedom for Youssef Abdelki, Adnan al-Dibs and Tawfiq Umran and their comrades Dr. Abdelaziz al-Khayer, Iyas Ayyash and Maher Tahan!

Freedom for Syria!

National Coordination Body for Democratic Change-Media Office

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