19-7-2013 Press Release


The Communist Labor Party – In Exile:

At 6 pm of Thursday 18/7/2013 the fellow comrades of the party were detained

1. Yousef al-A’bdelki

2. Tawfiq A’mran

3. Adnan al-Debs

They were detained by the Syrian security forces in the entrances of Tartous city.

We in the Communist Labor Party condemn the detainment of our political comrades and the detainment of all other prisoners of conscience in Syria. We hold the Syrian authorities complete responsibility on their personal well-being and safety. It is worth reminding that the Communist Labor Party, who has suffered all that has been suffered by Syrians from this brutal dictatorship, will remain on the side of the Syrian people and their clear political choice to oust the regime. We will work and struggle side by side with our political partners to attain the goals and aspirations of the Syrian people in a Democratic and Civil state.

Victory for Syria.

Victory for the Syrian revolution of freedom, equality and dignity.

The Syrian Communist Labor Party

In Exile


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