NCB Executive Committee statement on Geneva 2 and the necessity of a political solution

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We hoped that a political solution to the Syrian crisis would be reached through a second Geneva convention (Geneva 2). However several domestic, regional and international players have been impeding political solutions by abetting a military solution in a destructive and nihilistic attempt to impose a new balance of power.

This race of arming both sides and sending non-Syrian fighters is nothing but a failed gamble, since both sides have backers who will increase assistance to maintain the balance of powers. This makes the military solutions not only a formula to continue the pattern of death and destruction but also to escalate it, the main casualties being Syrian civilians and the Syrian state.

The National Coordination Body for Democratic Change in Syria (NCB) stresses on the necessity of a political solution and prevention of arms sales and transfers to all sides. We call upon all sides to stop the chest-beating and empty promises of success. Let everyone understand that attaining control in some areas will change neither the balance of powers nor the demands of the national popular democratic movement: establishing a democratic system through political means on the grounds of the first Geneva agreement.

An end to the violence is the primary starting point to any acceptable solution and the entrance to any real settlement. A ceasefire would be a genuine success for Syria and does not contradict the demand for democratic change. The NCB will continue to exert all possible efforts to work on a political solution, to ease the sufferings of the Syrian people despite all the obstacles that are faced. We will continue to openly communicate with all sides with influence in the Syrian conflict.

We will contact Russia, U.S and the European Union on the international level and will carry our essential letter of preventing the transfer of arms to both sides of the conflict. The NCB delegation will visit several European countries in order to demand speeding up the beginning of Geneva 2.

On the regional level, we will continue communication with countries, powers and parties that are sending arms and fighters to Syria, in order to stop such acts that only contribute to the killing of the Syrian people, regardless of the banners and slogans that such foreign fighters carry with them.

The NCB will tell such powers, be they friends or enemies of the Syrian people, to stop such destructive acts, as the Syrian people can bare no more death and destitution. Those who claim to be the friends of the Syrian people should work for an urgent political solution rather than placing obstacles in front of it. Syria is flooded with weapons and fighters; we need no more, be it for democracy or for resisting the Zionist enemy.. who is quite comfortable witnessing those who call themselves jihadists or resistance fighters on Syrian soil and participating in the destruction of the Syrian entity.

The NCB has, in the past days, worked on facilitating humanitarian and political actions (lifting sieges, securing prisoner exchanges, transfer of injuries and the exit of non-Syrians) with several sides including Hezbollah. The NCB ensures that despite supporting the resistance to the Zionist entity, which is a noble act, we firmly reject any military intervention in the Syrian crisis and any position that stands against the right of the Syrian people to freedom and dignity.

We call for the departure of all non-Syrian combatants, and it is an essential part of an end to the violence. Our position applies to all non-Syrian fighters part of the conflict. We have taken this position since the beginning of foreign fighter presence, this phenomenon has now been aggravated to an extent that threatens the area as a whole, the implications of which has been recently witnessed by Lebanon.

On a national scale, the NCB continues to extend its hand to all National Democratic powers for the unity of the National opposition on a political solution, and in order to establish an independent democratic union. We will arrange for a meeting for all powers and sides that agree with the NCB’s programme to work on strategies and political means to end the current violence, achieve radical and full democratic transformation and continue the peaceful revolution until the goals for which it erupted are achieved.

Regarding the current standard of living, we at the NCB insist that the Syrian authorities can not, under any circumstances, wriggle out of their responsibility to secure basic human necessities for all Syrians. the authorities hold full responsibility for the collapse of the economy and that more than half of the Syrian population now live below the poverty line. this comes mainly due to the regime’s primary interest in maintaining political and economic power, twinned with its structural corruption. Inflation rates have reached very high levels and all State employees have become impoverished. The recent increase of wages is meaningless in real terms in the midst of the increase in prices, and inflation rates.

Our only hope to save Syria from its current predicament is through an end to violence and the establishment of an agreed upon national and democratic authority capable of easing the suffering of civilians and return the stolen resources to the people.



The Executive Committee – National Coordination Body for Democratic Change in Syria

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