Syrian left seeks an international support


After 21 months of the Syrian uprising against President Bashar Al Assad totalitarian regime, many things have changed on the ground. The peaceful demonstrations are no more exist and demanding for democratic civil state is not a main choice for most Syrian opposition groups especially those of hard-line Islam background. Instead of excluding violence from the Syrian culture, many opposition groups and figures justify violence held by opposition armed groups, although many international human rights groups has condemned the violence and violation of human rights that practiced by opposition armed groups.

Syrian opposition still divided basically between the Syrian National Coalition SNC and Syrian National Co-ordination Body SNCB. SNC is famously known for its co-operation with western states, Turkey and Arab Gulf states like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, while SNCB refuses to be the fifth column of any attempt to turn the rightful uprising into tool in the hand of non-democratic agenda.

While SNC is composed mainly by hard-line Islamic figures and parties and liberals, SNCB in opposite, composed by leftists and Arab nationalists in addition to strong leftist Kurdish presence. These two formulas has produced two polices toward the situation on the ground. However, SNC has no problem if the Syrian regime were destroyed and ousted by reactionary armed groups linked with theocratic regimes in the region!

SNCB has chosen from the beginning not to be a war proxy within Syria’s uprising. In fact, it believes that any revolution or uprising should never be linked to foreign powers to win the battle against tyranny and achieve its programme.

Sponsored and supported by many reactionary and imperial states, SNC has encouraged media to blackout SNCB presence within the uprising and asked many times the Arab-UN conferences regarding Syria to exclude the SNCB in purpose of weakening and force it to join the SNC as an ordinary member unable to apply its democratic national and civil steps toward overthrowing the tyranny in Damascus.

Now, as a plan by many members of SNCB to re-launch and strengthen the left and civil front within the Syrian opposition and the uprising, an international conference for that purpose will be held in the city of Geneva this month. A number of activists are preparing to achieve success that able to face both the Syrian regime bloody crackdown and the non-democratic agendas that dominate over the dissidents actions against the regime.

Last week, I met Dr. Haytham Manna the chairman of SNCB abroad, he is internationally known for his long time human rights advocacy. “We believe that time pass very fast and we should do something to stop the violence that not only the regime involves in, but also the armed opposition groups which linked to regional agendas that doesn’t care and never take into account the future of Syria” Manna said.

” We do our best to assemble many European left parties and figures in this conference to help us in our efforts to make the voice of the independent democratic and civil Syrian people is completely heard” he added.

The conference will be held in January 28-29/ 2013 in Geneva under the title: Syrian International Conference for Democratic and Civil State in Syria DCS and it is believed to be the biggest one away from West and Arab Gulf – sponsored conferences which mostly and falsely come under the title of Friends of Syria.

Many independent Syrian dissidents I have met within the last weeks have told me they hope the conference will revive the voice of the first waves of the uprising which basically demanded for freedom and dignity. In fact, the tyranny in Damascus is blamed for his role in turning the peaceful uprising into armed conflict which opens the doors to Al Qaeda-linked groups to dominate the opposition armed front. However, SNCB refuses to be sided in the armed conflict; instead, it believes that it should fight the concept of Arms Victory at all, because, in case of Syria, winning the battle will be at the expense of democracy, social justice and Syria itself, either the regime win or the armed opposition.

By:Nebras Dalloul

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