Syria Salvation Conference: Our Main Principles


The parties, political organisations, and personalities participating in the National Conference for Syria Salvation agree on the following principles as a basis and general foundation for their political position and movement:

1. Toppling the regime with all its figures and facets, which ensures the ability to build a civil democratic state, a state of law, justice and equal citizenship regardless of race, sex and religion.

2. Rejection of sectarianism and everything else that contributes to dividing Syrian society on a pre-civic basis.

3. Adopting non-violent resistance as the strategy to accomplish the goals of the revolution. We recognise that militarizing the revolution (arming civilians) is a danger to both the revolution and society. In this context we view the “Free Syrian Army” as an objective phenomenon that emerged from the refusal of Syrian soldiers to kill their fellow countrymen who protested peacefully, and from this perspective we consider the “Free Syrian Army” one of the components of the revolution. As such, it has a duty to support, strengthen and defend the peaceful strategy of the revolution.

4. Affirming the importance of bringing back the Syrian Army to its true national role, which it was created for, and to extract it from the clutches of the regime, who have forced this national institution to play a contradictory role in placing it against its countrymen. The conference members agree on the importance of the Syrian Army to be under a political leadership that represents the syrian people. The primary objective of the Army should be to restore the Syrian occupied territories, and to respond to any dangers that jeopardise the security of Syria. The Army must also protect national security, considering Zionism as the main threat to Syria and the peoples of the region.

5. To ensure the accomplishment of the revolution’s goals by using the power of the Syrian people, and to hold the regime primarily responsible for creating the atmosphere that is used for foreign intervention.

6. To work on protecting civilians based on international law. Protecting civilians is a primary demand in the midst of all the killing and massacres that have been committed against innocent civilians.

7. The Kurdish ethnicity is a primary and historical part of the Syrian people. This has to be guaranteed in clear constitutional principles. The Kurdish national case must, and can only, be solved in a democratic and just manner through a free and united Syria – united in its people and territory.

8. Syria is an undivided part of the Arab Nation. Syria is an unbreakable social unit in itself; none of its components are allowed to be taken from it.

Preparatory Committee

National Conference for Syria Salvation


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