NCB Statement: Forcibly disappeared NCB leaders are now known to be in hands of the Airforce Intelligence

The National Coordination Body for Democratic Change in Syria can now fully confirm that our kidnapped members are in the hands of the Syrian Airforce Intelligence.

Dr. Abdelaziz al-Khayer -Head of the NCB Foreign Affairs Office-, Iyas A’yash -Member of the NCB Executive Committee and a leading figure of the Arab Socialists Movement-, and Maher Tahan -NCB member- were all arbitrarily detained by the Airforce intelligence while on their way back from the Damascus International Airport, we have been able to reach them since 5:30 Thursday afternoon (20/9/2012).

We at the National Coordination Body hold the Syrian Authority completely responsible for the physical and mental wellbeing of our members.

We demand that the Syrian regime free them immediately!

Executive Office

National Coordination Body for Democratic Change in Syria

Damascus 22/9/2012

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صوت المعارضة السورية الصادق

2 تعليقان في “NCB Statement: Forcibly disappeared NCB leaders are now known to be in hands of the Airforce Intelligence”

  1. Observer
    2012/09/22 في 17:16 #

    I find Mr. Manaa a hypocrite when he denies the average Syrian the right for self defense in the face of a brutal regime and continues to advocate dialogue. Yet when it comes to traveling to Syria he cancels the trip as the members of the delegation visiting China have been kidnapped by the regime. While he is safe in Paris and refuses to risk anything for the freedom he touts he denigrates those that took up arms to defend their freedom. Despicable

    • 2012/09/22 في 19:46 #

      أخي الكريم اوبزيرفر: كم مرة يجب علينا أن نعيد وأن نكرر أن المؤتمر ليس من أجل الحوار مع النظام ؟؟؟؟ يا عالم بلشوا قروا واتبعوا الأخبار شوي .. ما بصير هيك … سياسة هالتخوين تبعكن دون العلم بالشيء على الأقل والله مو معقولة !!! يعني شو عرفك حضرتك اذا هيثم ما كان بدو يروح على سوريا والهيئة صوتت ضد ذهابه ؟؟؟ من عندكن بتألفو انتو ؟؟؟ اذا هالشي بريحكن .. اكملو به كما تشاؤون … شكرا لمرورك.

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