Statement Regarding the National Conference to Rescue Syria


The National Coordination Body announces that arrangements for the ‘Rescue Syria’ national conference are ongoing. The preparatory committee will exert its best efforts in resolving all present conflicts between the different sides, despite the fact that participation requests exceeded the required number from different sides. As for the withdrawals that are being announced from one time to another, we would like to ensure that they are not final decisions. Communications are still ongoing in order to bring closer all points of views, and to bridge any chasms. Some withdrawals took place for personal or partisan reasons, external pressures or maybe other reasons we do not know of.

It is worth noting that all conflicts so far are limited to concerns over prioritising in the conference’s schedule. We reiterate that all members of the preparatory committee, without any exceptions, are working their best to ensure that everyone will participate in the conference, and they are working to overcome any obstacles that might appear. We urge all who care about the success of the conference to ‘Rescue Syria’ to continue helping with their time and activities through all possible methods, particularly media and publicity. The media office of the NCB has established a special communication committee to keep everyone updated.

Media Office- Syrian National Coordination Body- Damascus

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