NCB Press release: Refer the Syrian regime to the ICC

The Syrian regime has been committing the most violent of crimes against its own people in all parts of our country. The most recent manifestations of such actions can be seen in Daraya and al-Mou’adamiya in Reef Dimashq, al-Hirak in Reef Dera’a, and in the city of A’zaz in Reef Aleppo; these acts of violence are so heinous, systematic, and indiscriminate they should be classified as crimes against humanity.


We at the National Coordination Body for Democratic Change in Syria demand that the UN security council intervene urgently to stop the massacres being committed by the regime, we urge all human rights NGOs and international agencies to pressure the security council to refer the case of the murderous Syrian regime to the International Criminal Court.


Moral people of the world, the Syrian people require your solidarity and support now more than ever! We need you all to shout in unison: Enough death! Enough destruction!


Peace for our dead and their families..

Freedom for our detainees in the prisons of the regime!

Freedom for Syria and its people!



Press office, National Coordination Body for Democratic Change in Syria


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One Comment في “NCB Press release: Refer the Syrian regime to the ICC”

  1. 2012/08/26 في 19:29 #

    your comments is highly appreciated.Hope to here from the consul further condemnations of the destroing policyof the ASsad Regime

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