An initiative to stop the violence and achieve a smooth and safe transition to democracy

The National Coordination Body

for Democratic Change
in Syria
An initiative to stop the violence and achieve a smooth and safe transition to democracy
We believe in the right of the Syrian people to live with freedom and dignity, these rights can only be defended by a democratic system that provides citizens with equality, justice and progress. This necessitates that Syria be rid of the current tyrannical regime that has been suppressing the wills of the Syrian people for nearly half a century.
We believe that the regime is not able to subdue the popular revolutionary movement, despite its extreme use of brute and naked violence and despite the consequences of such a tactic – counter violence and foreign intervention. The great sacrifices that the Syrian people has been able to balance out the power of the regime, but it is still far from achieving a victory because of the international balance of powers that refuses to see the victory of one side over the other. The stalemate makes the continuation of the violence merely a path to the destruction of the Syrian state, society and being.
In order to minimize the painful cost of the desired change, and to protect what can be protected from our country’s infrastructure and our national unity, we at the National Coordination Body for Democratic Change in Syria, which is an active part of the Syrian popular movement against oppression and one of the main forces against violence and foreign intervention, propose the following:
First- That all armed parties, the regime at the forefront of them, have to agree to a temporary ceasefire to be implemented as soon as possible, hopefully before the beginning of the Eid al-Fitr holiday. All parties are to agree not to conduct any military operations and not to attempt any changes to the current situation on the ground.
Second- During the first week of the truce, both parties are to release their detainees, captives, prisoners, hostages and the kidnapped, and to cease all such actions from then on.  All such actions from then be treated as a criminal offence, their perpetrators are to be punished by law.
Third- The two parties are to allow relief agencies to deliver food and medical aid, and they are also to facilitate the treatment of the wounded in public and private hospitals under the auspices of the Red Cross and Red Crescent.
Fourth- If the parties concerned implement the earlier points, then the atmosphere for a political solution will be present. Negotiations are then to take place between members of the opposition and a delegation from the regime, the delegation is to have full negotiating authority and has to consist of members that have not been responsible for any bloodshed. The negotiators are to agree on a state of political transition with a definite period -one year- that is to prepare the country for a democratic, pluralistic parliamentary system.
On the mechanism of implementing the initiative: The National Coordination Body suggests that the United Nations, represented by the envoy to Syria, or whoever is deemed fit to supervise the implementation of the initiative. This can be done after all sides that are part of the Syrian crisis agree to necessary alterations in the size and powers of the UN mission to Syria.

Executive office of the National Coordination Body for Democratic chance in Syria
Damascus 14/8/2012

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