Press Release: Free Kifah and Rami

Our colleagues Kifah Ali Deeb, member of the NCB’s executive committee, and Rami Hanawi, a prominent Syrian activist, have disappeared. We have been unable to contact or find them since 7 p.m on Sunday 5/8/2012. Reports indicate that they have been taken away by one of the many security forces in our country, we have still not been able to verify which is responsible.

We urge the body responsible to release our friends immediately, we place the Syrian authorities fully responsible for their physical and mental wellbeing.


Freedom for Kifah and Rami

Freedom for Ahmad Al Israwi

Freedom to all the detainees in the regime’s brutal prisons

Freedom for Syria and its people

Press Office, National Coordination Body for Democratic Change in Syria


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  1. Kifah e Rami. Arrestati altri due nemici di Assad - 2012/08/08

    […] darne notizia sono stati la Rete araba per l’informazione dei diritti umani e il Comitato di coordinamento nazionale (Ncb) di cui Kifah Ali Dib è membro. Entrambe le organizzazioni hanno condannato con forza il […]

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