Press release regarding what is being labelled the ‘government in exile’

ِNo sooner had the French Foreign Minister, and some Arab countries, called for the creation of a Syrian government in exile than various opposition groups began to hurriedly fulfill this demand, another testimony to their political naivety and carelessness in dealing with this complicated and dangerous period  Syria is going through.


We at the National Coordination Body for Democratic Change in Syria care to state to the public that reaching positions of power is the least of our concerns. We are working tirelessly on assisting  those suffering in our country from the violence, through working on humanitarian relief. Our political programme is directed firstly towards stopping the bloodshed in Syria, a task we work determinedly on. Therefore we will not concern ourselves with participating in creating a government in exile. We think this initiative will further fragment the Syrian opposition, further complicate the situation in Syria, and therefore only cause more blood to be spilt. We wish that no names from the NCB be mentioned in any lists as part these governments.



Press Office, National Coordination Body for Democratic Change in Syria


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