Statement regarding the execution of Sami Raqa

Yesterday 29/7/2012 an armed group called “Katibet Shuhada’ Halab Lilmaham Alkhasa”*  kidnapped and executed Sami Ali Raqa. Sami was a university professor who holds an aeronautical engineering doctorate from France. The armed men tortured and then executed him. We at the National Coordination Body strongly condemn such criminal acts, we condemn all and any assault on peaceful civilians, regardless of who carries them out.

Press Office, National Coordination Body for Democratic Change in Syria


* Translates as:  Martyrs of Aleppo Battalion, Special Operations

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One Comment في “Statement regarding the execution of Sami Raqa”

  1. Mtsamman
    2012/07/01 في 07:43 #

    he was involved in kidnapping and handing over student activists to Shabeeha, so he was
    not really an innocent civilian and there was no evidence of any torturing or physical abuse, he was executed after his documented confession of his crimes

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