NCB delegation on an official visit to Rome

A delegation from the National Coordination Body for Democratic Change in Syria – NCB is on an official visit today (29/02/12) in Rome, Italy. The delegation is headed by Dr. Haytham Manna, who is accompanied by Dr. Ossama Al Taweel, member of the NCB’s Executive Bureau in Exile, and Ghassan Azzam. and .They are to take part in a conference on the subject of the Arab Spring that will be attended by Italian and European Ministers and by significant Arab and international figures. The delegation will also be meeting with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to update the Italian Government on the NCB’s position regarding the situation in Syria, on its position regarding the regional and international developments, and on the NCB’s vision for a political solution regarding the Syrian crisis.
The delegation has flown in from Geneva where Haytham Manna met yesterday (28/02/12) with the Tunisian Minister of Human Rights – Samir Dilo, and the Moroccan Justice and Freedoms Minister  Mustafa Rameed at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva – the Palais des Nations. They also met with ambassadors of Member countries of the UN’s High Commission for Human Rights prior to its session on Syria. The meetings were undertaken by the NCB in order to communicate the main points it deems essential for inclusion in the report to be prepared by the Commission, for the benefit of the Syrian people:  the necessity of providing humanitarian and medical aid to those who cannot access it, and a practical plan for doing so;  emphasis on the territorial integrity of Syria;  that these meetings remain open; that the Syria file is transmitted directly to the International Criminal Court without passing through the Security Council; to cooperate as much as possible with the UN-Arab League’s envoy to Syria – Kofi Annan, to stop the military solution that is being pursued by the regime and to push for the implementation of the Arab League plan.
The NCB delegation met with the American ambassador and the Chinese ambassador during the visit to Geneva.

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