invitation from the Chinese government to NCB

Following an official invitation from the Chinese government to the National Coordination Body for Democratic Change in Syria [NCB], a delegation arrived in China two days ago to convey to Chinese officials the true picture of the need to develop a political program that paves the way to the transitional stage, so as to avert the dangers of a spiral of violence, civil war and foreign military intervention.

The delegation comprised of Dr. Haytham Manna – Head of NCB in Exile, and three leaders from the NCB inside Syria: the lawyer Rajaa al-Nasser, Bassam al-Malek, and Ms. Mais Krydieh. They will be meeting top officials from the Foreign Ministry, the Chinese Communist Party, the Association of Foreign Affairs of the Chinese people, the Institute of International Studies, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and the Institute of Contemporary International Relations.

The delegation met the Vice Foreign Minister for the Arab Region, Mr. Xie Hangsheng who stressed the need for complete separation between the veto of China, and China’s position on security and military policy towards the Syrian authorities. China supports the just demands of the Syrian people and respects the broader national consensus on the transition scenario, and supports the Arab Plan of Action but it does not consider the Security Council the most appropriate place to achieve this, especially when it

“forces some States to vote before having sufficient  serious dialogue about the proposed resolution, especially as we see what happened to enforce change in the situation in Libya.”
For his part, the head of the delegation Haytham Manna in his speech said,

“The National Coordinating Body is aware that self-change alone should be possible, and this would preserve the honour and sovereignty of the new democratic civilian state that the Syrian people with all its components aspires to have: Syria’s full citizenship and inalienable rights for all children, people and the diverse nationalities; free citizens and people who are capable of building their own modern civil state; and to recover the occupied territory – a new Syrian friend of all free nations and liberation movements in the world. “

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